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French Program at the 37th Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Welcome to the acclaimed FACETS 37th Annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF), one of only two Oscar-qualifying children’s film festivals in the world. For the first time in the festival’s 37-year history, CICFF37 public and school programs are offered fully online.

French cinema for kids and young adults have the ability to tell wonderful stories that make one dream, smile, and, at times, cry. It is undoubtedly a cinema rich with emotion, action and passion. This year's Chicago International Children's Film Festival features an eclectic collection of French and French language fanimated and live-action features for a variety of ages.

Supported by Kids Trail, a program of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the FACE Foundation dedicated to children and families.

Geo-blocking Notice: Due to virtual screening restrictions, CICFF37 is only accessible to those viewing in the Chicagoland area including Cook, Lake, and DuPage Counties in Illinois.

French Program

ALLEZ-OOP! (Shorts Program)
Adventure awaits for these French-speaking explorers. In one film, when the school bus doesn't arrive, Iris and Leo decide to take a holiday, exploring Montreal. In another film, in a faraway land where the rain never stops, Kyna spends her days playing carelessly under the protective "umbrella-beard" of her father, Din. One night, Kyna’s beloved dog, Nana, disappears. Kyna embarks on an adventure to find Nana, and herself. In the last film, a peacock prince seeks adventure and the reward is richer than he ever imagined.

Rwanda, 1973. Our Lady of the Nile is a prestigious Catholic boarding school perched high on a hill, where teenage girls are groomed to take their place with the Rwandan elite. With graduation on the horizon, they share the same dormitory, the same dreams and concerns. But throughout the country, as well as within the school, deep-seated ethnic antagonisms are stirring. The story is set during Hutu rule, where there was a quota limit on including Tutsi students. Slow-burning resentments are fueled until one leader makes a terrifying decision that changes these young girls’ lives and the entire nation forever. Based on the acclaimed French-language novel by Scholstique Mukasonga

This collection of new French animation is a visually stunning display of the power the animated form has to offer.
 French animation is always at the top of any awards list -- come see why! In one film, a young wolf ventures out of his burrow for the first time while his mother is busy hunting. Jeanne, Gaston and Louis, find him, and decide to bring him back to his home. In another film, one snowy day a sister enlists her brother to recreate a childhood adventure. In the last film, Colin travels to the Arctic on an adventure he hadn't planned for.

MAN UP! (Feature)
Tom is an introverted 16-year-old, ready to start at a new high school. Tom plays by the rules and just wants to fit in and not disappoint anyone. As always, he can count on his popular older brother, who’s destined for a sports future. Best of friends, Tom can always rely on Leo for advice and tips. Especially important are his older brother’s social strategies: how to integrate with the “right crowd”, as well as how to navigate difficult situations, both on the basketball court and off. His advice for the long-term and on a daily basis is invaluable, as only a big brother’s can be. However, at some point it becomes clear that Tom must learn to be there for himself and not lean on his mentor. Can he truly “man up”?