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Festival Quatre Chemins 2020 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Launch of the 17th season of the Festival Quatre Chemins - direction Guy Régis Jr ©Kit Médias

Since October 20th, Festival Quatre Chemins has offered, online and in-person "En Amont" (pre-festival) screenings, exhibitions, and readings focused on theater, to keep you on the edge of your seat before the start of its 17th season in Haïti.

From now until December 5th, 2020, under the direction of Guy Régis Jr, you can enjoy the program of this unique festival of theater and contemporary arts (in French and Creole)! Here is a selection of the festival's events that you can follow online:

  • Tranzit, written and directed by Gaëlle Bien-Aimé 

Saturday, November 28th at 7PM (EST) on Facebook

The show Tranzit questions the difficulty of living in one's country and at the same time the socio-political instability that pushes people to depart. It takes stock of a decade following a deadly earthquake and invokes the poem as a place to witness love for and commitment to the land. 

  • Brakoupe, written and directed by Syto Cavé

Sunday, November 29 at 7PM (EST) on Facebook

Brakoupe by Syto Cavé is a text of great beauty which presents characters that are strangely real, and dialogues worthy of a Beckett. Syto Cavé, alone, proves that Haitian dramaturgy of the 20th century is to be respected.

  • À 30 ANS, directed by Michèle Lemoine

Monday, November 30 at 7PM (EST) on Facebook

Five years ago, the show À 20 Ans (at 20 years old) was born from the desire to bring together young authors and artists to write, play, sing and dance their own vision of this important age, between late adolescence and early adulthood. Today they are thirty years old... In Haiti... What does this mean for them? What happened to them? What happened to their dreams? And their rebellion? How is it today? And what will tomorrow be like?

Other performances such as In Memoriam written by Jean-René Lemoine, directed by Miracson Saint Val (November 26th and 27th at 5pm EST); Kalashnikov created and directed by Hugh Gelin (November 30th at 5pm EST) and Po Pis Tach directed by Kav-alye Pierre (December 2nd and 3rd at 5pm EST) will be presented at Espace 4 in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). 
Excerpts from performances, such as Nan Govi by Staloff Tropfort, will also be featured on November 24th at the Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). 
Screenings of documentaries such as Villa El Salvador, les bâtisseurs du désert by Jean-Michel Rodrigo and Marina Paugam at the Institut Français in Haïti (November 25th at 5pm EST), conferences such as "Earthquakes and Political Decisions" with the sociologist Michèle Oriol at Yanvalou in Port-au-Prince (December 1st at 4pm EST); poetic evenings such as "La vie musicale à Port-au-Prince dans les années 80" with Claude Carré and Arnold Antonin; and, readings such as J'étais dans ma maison et j'attendais que la pluie vienne by Jean Luc Lagarce directed by François Berreur at the IFH (November 27 at 4pm EST) also await you during this 2020 season of the Festival Quatre Chemins! 


Festival Quatre Chemins

The Festival Quatre Chemins is one of the staple events of Haitian cultural life. In the Haitian tradition, "Quatre Chemins" symbolizes a crossroad of different influences. The Festival of the same name was born from the meeting of artists and people, Haitian, Belgian, and French, who all had a common desire: to support theater in a country where the main political and social systems push you towards other priorities.

Guy Régis Jr

If you want to know more about Guy Régis Jr, you can take a look at his portrait here