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The Lab: Making Sense of Immersion in 2021 - Last session

The Lab: Making Sense of Immersion in 2021 is a series of online meetups gathering key professionals from the XR and museum industries for game-changing conversations. 

As part of our study on funding and distributing immersive works, FR//XR, this lab is organized by We Are Museums, along with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US, Museum ConnectionsPixii FestivalKaleidoscope and Fabbula.

Our fourth and last session will be all about precious insights! Whether it is through the main learnings and tips we harvested during our three last workshops, or by inviting key experts to share their vision of the future of immersion for museums, be ready for gems picking!  

Our host: Fabien Siouffi, Founder and CEO, Fabbula

Our guests: 

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More about our guests and host:

Nina Diamond is a managing editor and producer in the Digital Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Previously she created award-winning digital media for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Her experience as a writer, director, and producer of media projects spans binaural audio, 360° video, interactive, animation, feature film, and TV.

Former strategic planner in advertising during 10 years, Mehdi Mejri had been working for MK2 company for the last five years as innovation director. He created and managed the Innovation and VR department. They designed and opened the first location based dedicated to virtual reality in Paris called mk2 VR and then opened other locations worldwide. Their VR solutions where used for international exhibitions (Venice Homo Faber, Virtually Versailles...) festivals (Cannes Film festival, SXSW, Tribecca...) and museums (Palais de Tokyo, BNF Paris, ION Orchard Singapore...). Last year his department produced VR experiences and opened the PSG Arcade. They also moved to producing digital immersive exhibitions like "OCEANS the digital immersive odyssey" made for Altarea and displayed at CAP3000 Nice. Mehdi just joined ATLAS V, the most awarded VR studio, to craft and develop an ambitious Immersive Exhibitions department.

Mélodie Mousset (1981, UAE) is a French artist who lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Oscillating between virtual and physical realms Mousset's work focuses on the physicality of the human body and the potential virtuality of the mind. For her investigation around the body Mousset works with numerous media, including installation, performance, sculpture, photography, video and virtual reality. Her works draw upon personal biography to produce playful and surrealist narratives that investigate the interactions between the self and technology. Her work is often meant to challenge the senses; elements are juxtaposed and transformed to create eerie and whimsical assemblages in which the body becomes a site for physical and spiritual exchanges with technology.

Sara Snyder is the Chief of External Affairs and Digital Strategies at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery. She has been working on web and digital user experience at the Smithsonian since 2007, and has worked on five different museum VR projects since 2016, including overseeing the creation of two different room-scale VR applications based on the physical museum architecture and art collections. The first, “Smithsonian American Art Museum: Beyond the Walls” is available for download on the Steam gaming platform, while her most recent project, “No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man,” uses Sansar, a social VR platform to experiment with new levels of interactivity and engagement between audiences and curators or docents.

Fabien Siouffi is the founder of Fabbula, a cultural practice dedicated to the idea of worlding with digital media such as virtual reality, open worlds and livestreams. Fabbula curates groundbreaking exhibitions such as Palais Augmenté (2021, Grand Palais), Les Ailleurs (2021, Gaîté Lyrique) and VR Arles Festival (2018, 2019, Rencontres d’Arles). Before dedicating himself to arts and digital media, he was an international executive in the field of video games entertainment  (Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take 2/Rockstar games).