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How the Exploration of the Solar System Brings Us Closer

Mars Curiosity (credits: NASA)

In the framework of the Night of Ideas, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston presents "How the Exploration of the Solar System Brings Us Closer", a free online talk to be watched on the night between January 28 and January 29 at 12:50am (midnight) CST on http://nightofideas.org/.

About the discussion

Exploration is in our blood, it is a motivator we all share and a concept that space agencies around the world use to drive scientific discovery into the origins of planets, ourselves, and life as we know it. In order to answer the long-standing questions about our origins, we must work together to design, build and launch complex missions to the far reaches of our solar system. In this talk, Dr. Candice Bedford discusses planetary exploration and how searching for the answers to humanity’s long-standing questions is bringing us together as a society.

About the speaker

Dr. Candice Bedford, a planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute and NASA Johnson Space Center, studies the ancient and modern geology of Mars. She collaborates with scientists around the world to work with NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, and Mars analog sites here on Earth.

Our Partner

Special thanks to the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the The Office for Science and Technology in Houston.