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AR: How to Create a Fictional Reality?

(c) Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B

Augmented Reality acts as a filter between us and the real world. What we see is no longer the same; a new layer changes everything. Static spaces become lively environments as new shapes and sounds arise. Strangely enough, while our smartphones are no longer a tool to connect with others in different spaces, using an AR app opens a new window to our own reality.

A drawing turns into an animated movie, a voice transports you to another time… AR experiences allow us to rethink our relationship with technologies, from their creative uses to their impact on our lives.

To go behind the screen, we invite you to a 30-min online conversation featuring two AR experiences and their creators:

  • Adrien M & Claire B designed Acqua Alta - Crossing the mirror, a pop-up book visible in AR

  • Marie Blondiaux produced My Own Assistant, an interactive AR story, inspired by The Stealth (Les Furtifs), the latest novel by famous French science fiction writer Alain Damasio.

This talk will be hosted by Yvonne Grzenkowicz, Founder & Executive Director of Animation Nights New York.

Save the date [February 11th 1PM ET] & watch it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frenchcultureUS 

This talk is part of Animation First Festival [February 5th to 15th, presented by the French Institute Alliance Française], Digital Thursdays - a series of events on new media coordinated by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. It is organized in collaboration with the Villa San Francisco that will host Adrien M & Claire B and Alain Damasio in residency.