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French Spotlight at Eight Edition of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival brings in its Eight Season which shines a spotlight on international and local filmmakers who raise awareness of social issues. SRFF covers a broad range of socially relevant™ stories about racism, prejudice and discrimination, climate change, social injustice, immigration, empowering women and girls, human trafficking, indigenous rights, youth and children, disability, homelessness, LGBTQ rights and more. SRFF 2021 will be held online from March 15 to 21.
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Back To Sölöz (Retourner à Soloz) by French-Armenian director Serge Avédikian      
Theme: Genocide and survival    

A filmmaker of Armenian origin revisits his family roots in a Turkish village. Director and actor Serge Avédikian has traveled to Sölöz, the village of his grandparents located 170 km south of Istanbul four times in three decades. This documentary shot during his successive trips between 1987 and 2019, chronicles this experience and highlights the themes of identity, historic truth and reconciliation

Should the Wind Drop (Si le vent tombe) by Nora Martirosyan         
French-Armenian production
Theme: Indigenous rights

International auditor Alain has arrived to appraise the airport of a small self-proclaimed republic in the Caucasus to greenlight its eventual reopening. Through Edgar, a local boy running a make-shift business in the airport, Alain will risk all to help this isolated territory to open up.         

I Am Not Blond (Je ne suis pas blond)  by French director Hassan Hamza
Theme: Race, Prejudice and Discrimination      

Forty-year-old Redwan feels rejected just because he looks like "he is not from here". So to ease his daily existential pain of not belonging, he periodically kidnaps someone to ruin their evening. His victim must have shown a sign of contempt towards him. Claire, a young woman in her thirties, is Redwan's next victim. During the course of the evening, she tries to convince Redwan it is his own imagination that is to blame for his situation.

The Hangman's Place, by French director Julien Bertrand  
Theme: Race, Prejudice and Discrimination   
Yesterday, a man was murdered in a street, in Cleveland. According to the initial findings of the investigation, several men have been arrested by the police, and among them, a potential witness whose identity is still unknown. He has been taken into custody, before being heard...      

Dafa Metti (Difficult) by Tal Amiran (UK production)
Themes: immigrants living in Paris
Under Paris' glittering Eiffel Tower, undocumented Senegalese migrants sell miniature souvenirs of the monument, to support their families back home. Far from their loved ones and hounded by the police, each day is a struggle through darkness in the City of Lights.