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Fractales - Compagnie Libertivore Alexander Kasser Theater 1 Normal Avenue Montclair , US 07043
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French Presence at SXSW Online 2021

South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual world-renowned celebration of music, film and digital culture in Austin, presents SXSW Online, a digital experience for its 2021 edition. 

SXSW Online will take place from March 16 to March 20, 2021 across several platforms – web, mobile, and premium viewing from your TV – for a dynamic viewing experience. The event will feature conference keynotes and sessions, screenings, showcases, networking, and exhibitions.

Check out this page for more information on how to attend the festival.

    This year again, France will have a strong presence in the official program, with projects and artists featured in the SXSW Film Festival, SXSW Music Festival, and SXSW Panel Sessions.

    SXSW Film Festival

    SXSW audiences will be able to experience 75 feature films, 84 short films (including music videos), 5 episodic premieres, 6 episodic pilots, 20 virtual cinema projects, 14 title design entries, and 30 special events. Seven films will launch every two hours from 10am-8pm CT with most of the films released March 16–18. In addition to on-demand Films, concurrent platform channels will be broadcasting Conference sessions, Comedy, Music showcases, and more. 

    Click here for more information about SXSW Film Festival, and check out here below the list of projects presented by French directors and / or producers, featured in the 2021 SXSW Film Festival:

    ◾ Episodic Pilot Competition

    4 Feet High (Argentina, France / Directors: Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan) Imagine your last year of High School in a wheelchair. (Texas Premiere)

    ◾ Animated Shorts Competition

    Hold me Tight (Belgium, France / Director/Screenwriter: Mélanie Robert-Tourneur) In the middle of a dark forest, two silhouettes meet. In search of sexual desire, they start a dangerous and explosive parade. (International Premiere)

    Navozande, the Musician (France / Director/Screenwriter: Reza Riahi) At the time of the attack of the Mongols, a young musician and the love of his life are separated from each other. Fifty years later, the musician is summoned to perform at the castle of the Mongols where his beloved is being held. (Texas Premiere)

    Normal (France / Director/Screenwriter: Julie Caty) Dany is a rich heir who faces existential emptiness. He meets Karl Marx who asks him to destroy capitalism in order to save humankind. Reluctantly, Dany accepts his request and turns into a superhero. But he is quickly overwhelmed by his task. (North American Premiere)

    Music Video Competition

    Makeup and Vanity Set – ‘Algorithm’ (France) Directors: Saman Kesh, Justin Daashuur Hopkins)

    Wax Tailor – ‘Misery (ft. Rosemary Standley)’ (France) Director/Screenwriter: Berkay Türk

    Virtual Cinema Competition

    Biolum (France, United Kingdom / Director: Abel Kohen) Biolum is an interactive, narrative VR sci-fi experience which immerses you in the mysterious beauty of deep sea life on a dive that takes a shocking turn for the worse. (World Premiere)

    (Hi)story of a Painting (United Kingdom / Directors: Gaëlle Mourre, Quentin Darras, Screenwriter: Gaëlle Mourre, Producers: Charlotte Mikkelborg, Gaëlle Mourre) (Hi)story of a Painting journeys into the story behind La Grande Jatte, an iconic painting by Georges Seurat that we all know but don’t actually truly know… until now. Follow us as we learn how Georges went from underdog to world-renowned artist. (World Premiere)

    Of Hybrids and Strings (Australia, France, Germany / Director: Lauren Moffatt, Producer: Fabbula) Of Hybrids and Strings is a fabulatory immersion into possible human and non-human connectedness. In a forest, at night, one becomes strangely entangled to plants and creatures. Until the forest starts to crystallize… (World Premiere)

    The Passengers: Her & Him (Canada, France / Director: Ziad Touma) Enter the thoughts of one of the Passengers, and help them face a pivotal moment in their lives. Welcome aboard an interactive VR experience, in which your gaze and voice influence the story. (International Premiere)

    Virtual Cinema Spotlight

    4 Feet High VR (Argentina, France / Directors: Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Damian Turkieh) Imagine your last year of High School in a wheelchair. Cast List: Marisol Agostina Irigoyen, Florencia Licera, Marcio Ramses, Natalia Di Cienzo, Francisca Spinotti (Texas Premiere)

    Meet Mortaza (France / Director: Joséphine Derobe) An immersive experience telling the journey of an afghan refugee. (U.S. Premiere)

    Odyssey 1.4.9 (France / Director: François Vautier) A breathtaking VR journey into the visual heart of A Space Odyssey. A personal tribute unveiling the secrets of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. (U.S. Premiere)

    Odyssey 1.4.9

    Virtual Cinema Special Event and Meet-Up

    Welcome To The Other Side (SXSW Special, France / Directors: Jean-Michel Jarre, Denis Semionov)

    • Concert - Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre teams with French VR startup VRrOOm for a trailblazing concert-spectacular set in the virtual environment of the planetary landmark Notre-Dame de Paris. Also, for the very first time, experience excerpts from the show at your fingertips in the new standalone app for Oculus Quest! (World Premiere)
    • After Party - Welcome to the after-party of electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s NYE concert spectacular in a virtual Notre-Dame! Enjoy the concert replay on a gigantic screen, enter each track in 360 and sip a cocktail in the Zeppelin hovering above Paris!
    • Cryptoart Exhibition - Following the electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s NYE concert spectacular in a virtual Notre-Dame, explore the crypto art exhibition based on the concert highlights, featuring digital pictures and videos authored by the French artist. (World Premiere)

    French Immersion, A Deep Dive Into the French Ecosystem You are invited to meet in VR with “la crème de la crème” of the French XR directors, artists and producers. It will also be an opportunity to chat with some of the XR experts interviewed for “FR//XR: A Handbook for Immersive Producers” and to learn more about the program French Immersion, initiated by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US.


    SXSW Panel Sessions

    Do not miss the following panel sessions, featuring speakers by Ubisoft, Little Big Story, France Télévision, the Institut du Monde Arabe and Unistellar.  

    By All, For All: Citizen Science to Reveal Cosmos (Conference Theme: An Uncharted Future)

    Presented by Unistellar, with Franck Marchis (SETI Institute and Unistellar) and Marc Kuchner (NASA)

    Finding a new moon around an asteroid, confirming an exoplanet from another solar system or refining the trajectory and the shape of an asteroid coming near our Earth: The uncharted space territories can now be explored by the people, leading to a much better understanding of our cosmic surroundings. Come chat with NASA, the Seti Institute and citizen astronomers from the Unistellar network to learn how to contribute.

    Lady Sapiens: Breaking Paleolithic Stereotypes (Conference Theme : Transforming the Entertainment Landscape)

    Presented by Ubisoft International, with Deborah Papiernik (Ubisoft), Sophie Parrault (Little Big Story), Jeanne Marchalot (France Television), Aurelie Clemente-Ruiz (Institut du Monde Arabe)

    What image do we have today of the prehistorical woman? Nurturer, harvester, submissive woman? Recent studies show she was much more than that. Aided by immersive technologies, archeologists are shaking up the old clichés. Lady Sapiens takes you back 30,000 years to discover her true face: artist, huntress, healer, clan leader…

    This multi-faceted project is a collaboration between Little Big Story and France Television, producers of the documentary film Lady Sapiens, and Ubisoft, creator of the prehistoric video game Far Cry Primal. Teaming up with scientists, they created a transmedia program: a full-length documentary on prime-time TV, a VR adventure, an educational short film and an exhibition, that tell you a different story of mankind. Welcome to the Paleolithic Age!

    Lady Sapiens: Breaking Paleolithic Stereotypes