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The Art of Losing with Alice Zeniter

Join Albertine Books for a conversation with Alice Zeniter, author of the widely acclaimed bestselling novel The Art of Losing (trans. Frank Wynne, FSG).

The Art of Losing is a moving family novel that spans three generations, seventy years, and two shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a resonant, accessible history of Algeria and the diaspora told by those who lived it. It is also the story of how we carry on in the face of loss: loss of a country, an identity, a language, a connection. And it is, ultimately, an immersive, unforgettable excavation of the personal legacies of colonialism, immigration, and war.

This talk is free and open to their online community. Nevertheless, in order to support Albertine during these challenging times, they would greatly appreciate it if you purchased either a French or an English copy of The Art of Losing at their store or online.

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