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Free Virtual Screening: On Va Continuer!

On va Continuer! Directed by Bruno Doria

Each year in March, the D.C. Francophonie Cultural Festival celebrates the diversity and richness of the French language and Francophone communities worldwide. One of the Francophonie DC festival's major objectives is to create awareness of the diversity of the French language and cultures and stimulate exchanges with the public.

This year, tune in with us for a special screening at la Maison française's online cinema! Reserve your free ticket now by registering here.

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, #CreateLouisiana and TV5Monde USA, are honored to propose a screening of On va continuer! directed by Bruno Doria, a Cajun rockumentary recipient of the 2018 French Culture Film Grant of #CreateLouisiana, preceded by the short film 17 Year Locust directed by Logan LeBlanc, and 2020 grant recipient.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion presented by Julie Bordelon, Executive Director of #CreateLouisiana, and Matt Mick from the Council of Development of French in Louisiana, with the filmmakers and talent from both films.

Louis and Tommy Michot, musicians, Lizzie Guitreau, producer, and Bruno Doria, director of On va Continuer! will join us. Deeply anchored in Cajun culture, On va Continuer! highlights this endlessly creative community situated in Louisiana. The film fosters depicts the cultural bonds created by music and conveyed from one generation to the next. Music, like language, ties the Cajun people together. On va Continuer! tells us about music, transmission of culture, and the pleasure of being together.

Logan LeBlanc, director and co-writer with Trevor Navarre of 17 Year Locust, Becca Begnaud and Stevenson Jean, actors and Allison DeHart, producer, will introduce us to the making of the film and to the cultural stakes of this moving drama, offering a nuanced sense of linguistic heritage.

17 Year Locust, directed by Logan LeBlanc, 2021, 22 min. 17 Year Locust is a story about an unlikely crossing of paths between two people living very different lives. Their only common connection is the French language, which they both needed to shed to assimilate in America.

On va Continuer!, directed by Bruno Doria, 2019, 52 min. One man and his Cajun band breathe life into a culture's "dying" language using the one form of communication understood by all: music. Louis Michot is the co-founder, fiddle, and vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning Lost Bayou Ramblers, an inventive Cajun music band from deep in South Louisiana.

Both in English with French subtitles.

#CreateLouisiana is a nonprofit organization that champions Louisiana talent and supports its vital entertainment industries through the use of grants and development programs, such as the French Culture Film Grant.