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MMIRI: Origin Stories by Alexandria Eregbu

L’Autre·expo [The Other·Expo] goes to Chicago! Multimedia artist Alexandria Eregbu presents a work and a series of artistic collaborations at the Ateliers Medicis until March 3.

For L’Autre·expo [The Other·Expo] , Alexandria Eregbu shares "MMIRI: Origin Stories", a series of artistic collaborations, and the avant-premiere of the prologue of her new feature film "The Reason Why We Hunt". 

Her Dream Team, composed of Nnamdi Ibekwe (writer), Lace the Artist (multidisciplinary artist), Reginald Eldridge (writer), Patrick Lentz (photographer) and Devin Cain (filmmaker), each take up symbolic elements of "MMIRI: Origin Stories": mask, mirror, knife, compass and photography: 

The creations of these artists - films, images, drawings, essays - are shown one by one each day on the Ateliers Médicis website, asking a series of questions, reflections, and lessons of personal discovery for visitors, who are able to exchange, thus opening up the imaginary world of MMIRI and the vast community for which this film was made.

This work inaugurates Clichycago, a collaborative platform between the Ateliers Médicis and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Chicago. Centered on a core theme––Communities, endured or chosen––Clichycago is primarily focused on questions of community and belonging by facilitating dialogue among artists, local groups, and organizations based in Chicago’s South Side and the Grand Paris Clichy Montfermeil.

This project is supported by Étant donnés, a program of the FACE Foundation and the Ford Foundation.