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Eric Rohmer's Tales of Four Seasons at the Film Forum

Image: "A Tale of summer" - Eric Rohmer

Eric Rohmer is mostly known for his speaking characters; he gave meaning to words, characterized importance of dialogues and strived to minimize the use of artifice in his movies. His work concentrates on love encounter and seduction which give opportunities for his characters to exist through their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Filmmaker of words, Eric Rohmer gives sensation to perception, belief and affection. Speeches are at the same time pointless and source of life. Eric Rohmer describes two worlds thanks to realism ; in one hand, a world of authenticity where camera is filming actors and in the other hand, a world of imagination where characters progress.

In the Tales of Four Seasons, Rohmer gives a quite optimistic vision of tales with philosophical approach.  

Film Forum invites you to discover this collection in its virtual cinema. 


A Tale of Spring Time

March 26, 2021

Caught between apartments, philosophy teacher Anne Teyssèdre crashes with a teenage piano student she's met at a party, only to find the next morning that she's been dragged into a father/ lover/ daughter triangle that looks like it's about to become a quadrangle.

Languages: French with English subtitles
Runtime: 107 min

A Tale of Winter

April 2, 2021

After a sun-splashed summer idyll, we're suddenly in the season of the title as not-so-bright hairdresser Charlotte Véry (Kieslowski's Blue) vacillates between her beefy boss and an over-intellectualizing librarian, while vainly awaiting the return of that long-ago summer romance.

Languages: French with English subtitles
Runtime: 114 min

A Tale of Summer

April 9, 2021

On vacation in Brittany, a guitar-toting math major hopes that his sort-of-girlfriend decides to show, but strikes up a platonic (or maybe not) friendship with already-taken ethnologist/waitress (Pauline's now grown-up Amanda Langlet), who nudges him into a summer fling with her pal...when guess who turns up.

Languages: French with English subtitles
Runtime: 113 min

A Tale of Automn

April 16, 2021

At harvest time in the Rhône valley, 40ish widowed winemaker Béatrice Romand suddenly finds herself with two potential mates: her son's girlfriend's ex and the respondent from a personal ad placed by her best friend.

Languages: French with English subtitles
Runtime: 112 min

New restoration by Les Films du Losange.

Presented with support from the George Fasel Memorial Fund for Classic French Cinema.

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