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With Women's Work: Annabelle Playe in virtual concert at Issue Project Room

Photo credit: Grégory Robin

On Wednesday, April 21st, at 8 pm EST, tune in to the live stream concert of Annabelle Playe, commissioned and broadcast by ISSUE Project Room  as part of the With Women's Work series. Annabelle Playe will be performing her piece Ad Astra, a new work responding to an original score titled "ZODIACAL MEDITATION" by Julie Winter and included in Women's Work, a magazine first edited and self-published in 1975 by Alison Knowles and Annea Lockwood.

Ad Astra is conceived as a series of pieces, of variable lengths, composed with an electroacoustic setup comprised of modules, reverbs, a compressor, an MFB Synth II, and a polyphonic synthesizer. It is rooted in minimalism and the spontaneity of artistic inspiration. Annabelle Playe's work shows music as a force, which, when played live, changes its texture and takes a different form every time.

About Ad Astra, Annabelle Playe says: "According to astrologers, the planets influence us in an invisible way. I want to express this magnetism through this music. I don't know yet if I will choose among the planets of the solar system or if I will try to express the energies of the 12 planets, or even 13, since the discovery of Eris in the 2000s. (...) In Ad Astra, music becomes the medium of our solar system, a tiny part of the universe. I would like this creation to remind us of this scale of greatness."

The concert will be streaming on the ISSUE Project Room website.

About Annabelle Playe:

Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist. Her music is oscillating between electroacoustic, drone, and noise. She focuses on the physicality of sound and on timbre, with an emphasis on musical structure. Her live set up is made of electronic instruments. She plays alongside Marc Siffert, Alexis Forestier, Hugo Arcier, Alexandra Radulescu, and the choreographers Mylène Benoît and Marcela S. Corvalan. In 2010, she founded "AnA compagnie", a production company dedicated to cross-disciplinary projects. Her first albums "Matrice" (2012), "Vaisseaux" (2014), and "Geyser" (2019) were published under the label DAC Records. From 2018 to 2020 she was an associated composer with "Scènes Croisées de Lozère" through the DGCA-SACEM Platform. She was awarded the SACD prize "Musique de Scène" with her music for the play "Delta Charlie Delta" by M. Simonot. She received the SACD New Talent Music Award 2019. She performed at "Vive le Sujet!" for the 73rd Avignon Festival in 2019. She received a grant from Jazz & New Music, a program of FACE Foundation and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States for her tour in the U.S. with her piece "Geyser" in 2019.