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Liberté d’expression, Free Speech and "Cancel Culture": Religion

Part of Liberté d’expression, Free Speech and “Cancel Culture” 

Keynote speaker: Suzanne Nossel Panel
With Philippe Lançon and Caroline Fourest
Moderated by Emily Hamilton

What does religious freedom mean in the public sphere? The French concept of laïcité, the result of a long historical struggle of the Republic against the power of the Church, has no equivalent in the US. Many Americans even consider it liberticidal for its apparent limitations on religious practice and observance. Are these concerns valid or a misconstruction? Is there still support for free speech when it comes to religion?

Suzanne Nossel is a human rights advocate, former government official, currently Chief Executive Officer at PEN America and author of Dare to Speak: Defending Free Speech for All (Harper Collins, 2020)

Philippe Lançon is an author and French journalist who writes for Libération and Charlie Hebdo. Seriously wounded in the terrorist attack perpetrated against the publication, his memoir, Disturbance was published by Europa in 2019.

Caroline Fourest is a filmmaker, director, teacher, writer and journalist. She worked at Charlie Hebdo from 2005–2009 and currently columnist for Marianne.

Emily Hamilton is Executive Director of Justice for Kurds, a non-profit organization which raises awareness for the Kurdish cause. She is the founder of Hampstead Rose, an agency for international cross-cultural projects, and a contributor to La Règle du Jeu journal.