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In Conversation: Colombe Schneck

Colombe Schneck is a French journalist, documentalist and writer. She wrote more than ten books and won several prizes for her novels. On this occasion, she will share with the public about her writing process and career. Colombe Schneck will also read from her latest book, Nuits d'été à Brooklyn.

In August 1991, in Crown Heights, a Jewish man accidentally runs over two black children playing across the street. One of them is killed on the spot. The neighborhood, where the two communities are struggling to coexist, is quickly ablazed. The love story between Esther and Frederick will not survive these events which oppose them until the rupture. Esther will never overcome it and will spend 25 years dwelling on her lost love, trying to understand what happened that summer of 1991. Nuits d'été à Brooklyn is the story of her quest to answer the question once asked by her lover: Why can't we love each other?

This event is part of the New York Public Library’s World Literature Festival, which celebrates books and writers from around the world and reflects the languages spoken in the various communities.

Event in French with live English interpretation.