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Exclusive Screening of Saving Notre Dame

Available for Washington DC and DC area. 

April 15, 2019. A devastating fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral, an 850-year-old building witness to the passage of time. Paris and the rest of the world are stunned and saddened as the most visited monument in France burns. 

Almost immediately after the fire, Charlène Gravel, Michèle Hollander and Quentin Dormat were granted a unique access inside Notre Dame Cathedral for a full year. In accordance with the Ministry of Culture’s decision, they were the only camera with this level of access. 

Join us to discover a thrilling visual chronicle on the rescuing of Notre Dame on April 13 at the Virtual Movie Theater of the Maison Française of the French Embassy. 

Only 100 tickets available!

In English


“My worry is that the masonry joints, by dint of drying, will lose their coherence, their cohesion, and their structural integrity, and paf! The vaults may fall. The vaults have been stable since firefighters extinguished the flames, but they could still collapse at any moment!”
Philippe Villeneuve, Chief Architect of historical site.
July 2019