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_jeanne_dark_ by Marion Siéfert FTA Montréal

Helena de Laurens in _jeanne_dark_

FTA Montréal  presents _jeanne_dark_ by Marion Siéfert

May 26  at 2:30 pm (EST)

May 27 at 1:30 pm (EST) 

Free on the instagram account  @_jeanne_dark_

In French

Duration 1h45

On Instagram, she is _jeanne_dark_, sixteen years old, Catholic family, embarrassed by her virginity. Using her phone, she speaks live. From the digital ashes emerge the paradoxes of a contemporary heroine.

One evening in a moment of solitude, stressed out, she uses her phone and goes online to vent her pain, the intimidation she is subjected to, the overbearing parents, the all-consuming rage and tears. It is a moment of release, of excoriation, of self-assertion. The audience follows her posts, commenting in real time on her cries and whispers. Jeanne Dark is alive, vibrant, living in the here and now. Welcome to The Maid of Orleans, version 3.0.

Brought to life by the grace and power of the actress Helena de Laurens, the writer and director Marion Siéfert has crafted a masterful performance. The clout of social media, the public display of intimate, private moments, a disquieting sexuality; but above all, the raw power of unfiltered speech and the inventive portrayal of her demons. The character, placed on the bonfire of social media, is transformed. From the digital ashes of a fragile young girl emerges a contemporary heroine.

About Marion Siéfert

The writer, director and performer Marion Siéfert developed her first solo work, 2 ou 3 choses que je sais de vous, in connection with her doctoral program in Germany. It laid the foundations of what became her chief focus: an exploration of social media networks, a desire to put the spectator in a position of voyeur, a judicious use of screens. The play was presented at TU in Nantes, and also at the Théâtre de Vanves, the Gaîté Lyrique and other venues.

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