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Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 
Sep 22
Ideas and Ideals: Strong Female Voices III ONLINE EVENT  Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 
Sep 22
When the Waves Have Come and Gone Plage des Catalans

SEGAL TALKS: Theater & Performance with Penda Diouf and Marine Bachelot Nguyen

Marine Bachelot Nguyen © Thierry Laporte / Penda Diouf © Cédric Grenon

The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center's global series, SEGAL TALKS, will feature for its 40th week author Penda Diouf and stage director Marine Bachelot Nguyen on June 11, 2021 at 12 pm EDT. Join their conversation about curating, producing and presenting theater and performance in the context of the pandemic. 

SEGAL TALKS are free, open access, without ads and will be live-streamed in English from Monday to Friday on HowlRound Theatre Commons and on the Segal Center Facebook page. 

About Penda Diouf 

Penda Diouf is an author, playwright, and librettist based in Lille, France. Together with Anthony Thibault, she co-founded the label Jeunes Textes en Liberté. She is an associate artist at the Centre dramatique national (CDN) de Valence, lead by Marc Lainé, and frequently gives writing workshops. Her play La Grande Ourse is published by Quartett éditions, while her play Pistes..., published in January 2021, tours Germany and France in a staging by Aristide Tarnagda as part of the Festival d’Automne in 2020/21.

About Marine Bachelot Nguyen

Marine Bachelot Nguyen is a playwright and director (Lumière d’août, France). She explores the alliance of fiction and document, the intersection of body and politics, feminist and postcolonial issues. Her recent works are Les ombres et les lèvresCirculations Capitales and Akila, le tissu d’Antigone. With Le fils she won the Sony Labou Tansi Prize and the Primeurs Prize (Saarbrücken). Her plays are published by Lansman.


The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center' s global series, SEGAL TALKS started in March 2020. The series featured over 100 talks with 150 artists from 50 countries. New York, US, and international theatre artists, curators, researchers, and academics will talk daily during the week for one hour with Segal Center’s director, Frank Hentschker, about life and art in the Time of Corona and speak about challenges, sorrows, and hopes for the new Weltzustand— the State of the World.

After a break in August 2020, the series is back still focusing on Theatre, Performance and The Political, highlighting the Segal Center's 2023 New York International Festival of the Arts Project and the Center's Public Park Project. The Segal Center is the only theatre institution in NYC and the US creating new, original, daily content for the global field of theater and performance. The series was conceived, created and curated by Frank Hentschker in March 2020. 

This program is presented in collaboration with HowlRound Theatre Commons, based at Emerson College. All SEGAL TALKS are archived on HowlRound, and on the Segal Center YouTube Channel