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Video Games and Literature: Stories That Engage - G4C Festival

© "Fantasy", BNF.

Why and how are video games interested in literature? What specificity for adaptations of literary works in video games? How do these creations rediscover a work while engaging the player more? Animal farm, Walden, The Kingdom of Istyald: games that offer to revisit literary works while offering real gameplay and specific visual and sound universes. Meet their creators at Games 4 Change Festival for a discussion on the relationship between literature and video games, and how they influence each other.

Save the date: Monday, July 12 • 12:30pm - 1:20pm EST!

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© "Orwell's Animal Farm" developed by Nerial

© "Walden, a game" developed by USC Game Innovation Lab

© "The Kingdom of Istyald" developed by BNF.

The 2021 Games for Change Festival will take place virtually July 12 – 14 and will once again be free for all attendees! Join a global community of developers, educators, students, and researchers to ignite our imaginations about how games and immersive media can help us realize the potential of the years ahead and address our collective challenges: achieving equity and social justice, ensuring a thriving planet, and regaining a sense of security.

This year, G4C2021 has a lineup of diverse speakers ranging from games and XR thought leaders to new voices from underrepresented communities.