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Form and Object: A Talk by Tristan Garcia

Part of Bridges to the Future: 100 Years of French Thought

Tristan Garcia © Hannah Assouline

10 years after its publication in France by the Presses Universitaires de France, Tristan Garcia evokes his philosophical essay Form and Object.

What is a thing? What is an object? In his ambitious Form and Object Tristan Garcia decisively overturns 100 years of Heideggerian orthodoxy about the supposedly derivative nature of objects and in so doing gives deep insights into the world and our place in it. Garcia's original and systematic formal ontology of things strips them of any determination, intensity or depth. By covering topics as diverse as the universe, events, time, the living, animals, human beings, representation, arts and rules, culture, history, political economy, values, classes, genders, ages of life and death, he shows that speculative metaphysics and ontology are alive and well.

The Speaker

At 40, Tristan Garcia is a philosopher, novelist, a specialist of popular culture (series, pop music, comics…). Since his first novel in 2008, La meilleure part des hommes, he has advanced through the world of writing with energy and grace. To his novels (7, Âmes, Histoire de la souffrance…), he has added a list of significant philosophical essays (Forme et objet, La vie intense, Nous…). His essays are published by Edinburgh University Press.

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Bridges to the Future: 100 Years of French Thought

Tristan Garcia's talk is part of the series "Bridges to the Future: 100 Years of French Thought" celebrating today’s bright thinkers who have been published by the Presses Universitaires de France. All events take place online and in collaboration with outstanding American universities.