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IFcinema à la carte: Documentary Film Month

(c) Little Girl

For the Documentary Film Month's 22nd edition in November, the French Institute joins Images en bibliothèque and offers a rich and varied program of international documentaries: a panorama of recent documentary creation, a focus on director Sébastien Lifshitz, a tribute to Chris Marker, born 100 years ago and deceased 10 years ago, a tribute to Bertrand Tavernier, deceased this year, as well as a thematic program on colonial and world conflicts, "Our Uncertain Wars" ("Nos guerres incertaines").

Discover the panorama of recent documentary creation program here.
Find out more about the 6 movies selected for the tribute to Chris Marker here.  

In addition, 2 documentaries will be available on the IFcinema à la carte online page, free of charge and without registration, "Docu-cults", with Mourir à 30 ans by Romain Goupil and Etre et avoir by Nicolas Philibert. 
Dedicated page (available from November 1st to November 30th only).