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2017 Institute of French Cultural Studies at Dartmouth

Come to Dartmouth College to discover the various public conference of the 2017 Institute of French Cultural Studies! This year's theme “Cultures of Place, Cultures of Space” will allow attendees to interact with some of the most distinguished scholars of French and Francophone literature, history, ethnography, the visual arts, philosophy, psychoanalysis and mathematics.

About this year's theme: Every manifestation or contestation of French culture can be situated within a space, whether the geographic space of political borders, the social space of human interaction, the textual space of literature, or the psychic space of the individual mind. Whenever a space is defined or mapped, it is given meaning, turning it into a place, a lieu de mémoire, and thus a site of cultural study. The 2017 Institute will explore the spaces and places of French and francophone cultures.

About the Institute of French Cultural Studies at Dartmouth:

Founded by Lawrence Kritzman and the late Edouard Morot-Sir over 20 years ago, the Institute of French Cultural studies was created to respond to the changing academic environment and to help boost students' interest in the study of French.
The major goal of the Institute of French Cultural Studies is to allow advanced graduate students and assistant professors in French to partake in contemporary cultural debates on both sides of the Atlantic and to prepare them to supplement the programmatic needs of French departments in developing courses in interdisciplinary studies taught in French.

The Institute is currently directed by Lawrence Kritzman (Dartmouth College) and associate director Brian Reilly (Fordham University).


The Christian Delecampagne Lecture

Professor Tom Conley
Harvard University
Monday, June 19th at 8:15 pm
Haldeman 041, Kreindler Center

"The Grand Marnier Lecture"
Professor Marian Hobson

Queen Mary University of London
Thursday, June 22th at 4:30pm

Lecture (TBD)
Professor Warren Motte

University of Colorado, Boulder
Monday, June 26th at 4:30pm

"L'espace dans l’architecture gothique française, ou l'absence de l’espace ?"
Professor Pierre Léglise-Costa
Sciences Po
Tuesday, June 27th at 4:30pm

"L’espace architectural repensé dans le cinéma français : quelques films classiques pour y réfléchir ensemble"
Professor Pierre Léglise-Costa

Sciences Po
Wednesday, June 28th at 4:30pm

"Paris Re-Mapped. Urban Space in the Anarchive"
Professor Lia Brozgal

Monday, July 3rd at 4:30pm