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Alain Willaume at the FIAF/Crossing The Line

Alain Willaume’s unusual photos evoke a ghostly undercurrent in our everyday lives. In depicting the likes of lone and meditative figures in barren landscapes and dusty roads, he highlights the fractures in the places we call home. Working outside of the mainstream and the traditions of documentary photography, Willaume creates an arresting personal cartography of engaged metaphors and enigmatic imagery. His haunting body of work evokes the lurking violence and vulnerability in the world as well as the human beings who inhabit it. This immersive installation designed by François Hébel for the artist’s US debut invites new perspectives into Willaume’s global body of work.This is the sixth exhibition of the French Protocol series in the FIAF Gallery, curated by François Hébel.

French photographer Alain Willaume lives and works in Paris. He began his photography career in 1979. Since 2010, Willaume has been a member of Tendance Floue, a French collective of experimental photographers which received the ICP Publication Infinity Award in 2007 for the book Sommes-nous?, featuring text by Jean Baudrillard. He works outside the traditions of documentary photography to create unusual photos that evoke a ghostly undercurrent in our everyday lives. He was the recipient of a First Prize Sony World Photography Award in 2011, and he received the Kodak Award "Prix de la Critique" in 1979. Alain’s work has been exhibited worldwide. Since 2003, he has also been a guest professor in art schools (Strasbourg and more recently Nancy).

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