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May 18
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Mauvais Sang: Wes Anderson's Pick

Part of Films on the Green 2017

"I would put MAUVAIS SANG into the kind of category of artworks you define by the response the thing provokes rather than by the form or the method, and in this case the response is: hypnotised infatuation.
Anyway, that was my reaction when I saw it in 1994. The movie cast a powerfully strong spell over me, and Leos Carax created a completely, spectacularly unexpected universe that was somehow exactly the place where I wanted to go.
I hope you will be as moved and dazzled as I was by this movie's continuously inventive and ingenious cinematic methods which work like magic tricks; by the aura of its handful of musical themes and cues; by the sad poetry of its desperately romantic, unique, iconic characters; and by the images and atmospheres of Carax and his very gifted collaborator Jean-Yves Escoffier which have stuck vividly in my mind for twenty-something years.
- Wes Anderson

Directed by Leos Carax
With Michel Piccoli, Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant, Julie Delpy
1986 | Drama | 1h50 | France | Carlotta Films US 

Marc and Hans, two old gangsters, plan to steal the vaccine for a mysterious virus which affects those who make love without being in love. After the death of their associate, the two accomplices call on his son, Alex, a talented conjuror. But Alex falls madly in love with a girl he sees on a bus. Her name is Anna and she turns out to be Marc's mistress...

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