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Elena and Her Men: Isabella Rossellini’s Pick

Part of Films on the Green 2017

"Jean Renoir was a very good friend of my mother Ingrid Bergman. In this delightful film they did together, Jean’s capture an aspect of my mother I adored and often was not put forward in other films: her vivaciousness, the sparkle in her eye, her playfulness. Jean was an incredible kind and sensitive man. I never forget when we arrived in Paris accompanying mamma to shoot ELENA ET LES HOMMES. A crowd of fans was waiting for mamma at the train station and paparazzi were all over. Jean Renoir arrived at the train wagon as we stepped down with an enormous bouquet of flowers for mamma but also two small bouquets for my sister and me. I never forgot this gesture that made me feel grown up. " - Isabella Rossellini


ELENA AND HER MEN (Elena et les hommes)
Directed by Jean Renoir
With Ingrid Bergman, Jean Marais, Mel Ferrer, Juliette Gréco
1956 | Comedy-Romance | 1h35 | France | Janus Films

In a pre-WWI Paris, Elena is a beautiful, but impoverished, Polish princess who drives men crazy. When a famous general falls for her charms, Elena finds herself entangled in both romantic intrigue and political conspiracy—with the hearts of several men, and the future of France, in her hands.

Preceded by THE TRIP TO THE MOON (Le Voyage dans la lune)
Directed by Georges Méliès (1902, 14min) | Institut français

"George Méliès’ special effects might seem nowadays naïf, but they still have the power of making me dream and transport me in a playful, fantastic world. When I direct my short films this is the director I look at for inspiration. I am intimidated by technology, but Méliès makes me feel I can do it." - Isabella Rosselini


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In its landmark 10th year, Films on the Green will present French cinema through the eyes of 10 guest curators and some of the most creative and compelling filmmakers, actors, and artists of our time: Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, James Ivory, Saul Williams, Isabella Rossellini, Wanda Sykes, Laurie Anderson, Matthew Weiner, Matías Piñeiro,and Amy Hargreaves.