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The Wild Child: James Ivory’s Pick

Part of Films on the Green 2017

"I chose Francois Truffaut’s ‘The Wild Child’ because that film is a favorite of mine, and its subject - the story of a wild child discovered in a forest, then coaxed out and ‘civilized’ - is a favorite in many cultures. The story is even a part of American folklore: a Native American child is lured away from its tribe - or captured - and reformed, starting at the very beginning of our history with the teen-age Princess Pocahontas, who was carried off to London from Virginia and transformed into a stylish young English lady, after which she contracted a White Man’s disease and soon died.
But one might think of how Post-War French cinema was perceived by Truffaut and his fellow directors of the Nouvelle Vague - the New Wave - as being a kind of Wild Child, out of control and disordered, and of Truffaut, playing the patient teacher as he did in his film, almost never raising his voice, who in time masters the Wild Child of French cinema in the nineteen sixties, and brings to it - or renews - all the classic values of the best French art.
I miss Truffaut - he would be eighty-four now.  We all of us who so loved his films mourned his early death, and try to imagine what his later films might have been like if he had been able to keep going. He was once offered the chance of making Proust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ but declined, saying that there was no French actress able to properly play Madame Verdurin. Perhaps if he had lived on he might have found such an actress." - James Ivory


James Ivory will introduce the film in person! 

Directed by François Truffaut
With Jean-Pierre Cargol, François Truffaut
1970 | Drama | PG | 1h23 | France | The Film Desk

A scantily clothed and dirty young boy is admitted to the National Institute for the Deaf and Dumb in Paris. Having been found in the forest, the child is unable to speak, communicate or function in society. His case is taken up by Doctor Itard, a lone physician (played by Truffaut himself) who has unyielding dedication to re-integrating the lad into society. But the road to tame the beast is a rocky one…

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