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Yelle at the Resident!


French artist Yelle will be in concert at The Resident (DTLA) on November 2-5!

Yelle is a French band founded by Julie Budet and Jean-François Perrier (GrandMarnier). Julie Budet is the lead singer who tours with producers GrandMarnier and Tepr (or Tanguy Destable). Yelle falls under the genre of electropop and is popular in the Francophone and non-Francophone world alike. Yelle's first album, Pop-Up was released in 2007, followed by another album called “Safari Disco Club” released in 2011 and “Complètement fou” released in 2014.

Some of Yelle’s top songs include “Je veux te voir”, “Ici et maintenant” and “Comme un enfant” which all use unique electronic beats and playful tones that make each song interesting. In Yelle’s upcoming Club Party Tour, Yelle will be playing music from all three of their albums, creating concerts that are diverse, multi-layered, and electronically mystifying! Don’t miss out on this lively concert tour!

Note: Yelle will also be performing at the Crescent Ball Room in Phoenix, Arizona on November 8th, 2017!