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Pascal Gauchet at the HoloCenter

Art holograms are rare, in part due to the skills and technology involved in the creation of each piece. Having intrigued viewers in Paris IRIDESCENCE is coming to New York. Hop over to the HoloCenter on Governors Island where contemporary art illuminates the historic post commanders quarters.

Six artists selected through an international competition to produce major new holographic works: Pascal Gauchet, Michael Bleyenberg, Patrick Boyd, Lana Briscella, Setsuko Ishii and Fred Unterseher. Each hologram creates a distinct choreography of light, and invites the viewer into a dance of implicit and explicit dynamics. The undulation of light and the movement of the body fold and unfold in the composition of these holographic scenes. The holographic medium offers artists extra dimensions that catch and shape these dynamics.

The artists selected include Pascal Gauchet from France, with Random Memories, an assemblage of shimmering memories. Random Memories holds glimpses that fragment and combine in a sculpture of hologram tiles. It combines his earlier arrangements of holographic images that suggest the connection of unseen space with his images of the French countryside that appear to be photographs until an animation of changing light is revealed when the viewer moves.

Media Preview, Friday September 1, 3-5pm
RSVP info@holocenter.org