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U.S. Premieres of The American in Paris & At Home and Over There

The American in Paris

The American in Paris and At Home and Over There bring to the screen the little-known story of American volunteers in France during the First World War. Centered on The American Hospital of Paris and the contribution of Women Physicians during the conflict, these two film shows how thousands of medical staff stepped up to help France, and in doing so, strengthened ties between the two nations and created a legacy of American generosity abroad.

The American in Paris: The True Story of the American Hospital of Paris in WWI
by Antony Easton
2017- 60 min

The American in Paris recounts the history of the American Hospital in Paris, from its start as a 24-bed facility for the expatriate community of Paris in 1910, to its dramatic expansion to a 600-bed military hospital in August 1914, and ultimately more than 2000 beds, with the addition of field hospitals and other care facilities. Setting up the military hospital and keeping it running was financed entirely by private contributions from Americans in France and at home. This unprecedented philanthropic effort drew enthusiastic support from Gilded Age millionaires as well as small-town civic clubs.

In the film, we hear in their own words, though diaries and correspondence, what helping ease French suffering meant to the volunteers. The film also describes many medical advances brought during the war, including new treatment methods, pioneering techniques or the use of motorized ambulances.

The volunteers took their message back to the United States. By 1917, when the U.S. Congress voted to join the Allies in the war, the American public was ready and the first-hand message of the volunteers –that the cause of the Allies was the cause of humanity– held sway.

The American in Paris offers a fresh perspective on the U.S. role during the First World War, reveals the extraordinary participation of thousands of unsung heroes, and shows how young people taking action during a time of crisis were able to make a significant contribution. History may not remember the volunteers, but France has never forgotten.

At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I
by Jack Klink
2017 - 15 min

At Home and Over There tells the incredible story of American women physicians who served during the First World War despite widespread discrimination.  Driven by patriotism and a desire to serve, these unsung heroines worked in hospitals, dispensaries, canteens, and ambulance units both during the war and in the years that followed.


6.00 pm: Doors open

6.30 pm: Screening of “The American in Paris: The True Story of the American Hospital of Paris in WWI”

7.30 pm: Screening of “At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I”

7.45pm: Q&A

8.00pm: Reception

This event is organized in the framework of the centennial Commemoration of the United States’ Entrance into WWI (1917-2017)

Free admission. Online registration is required for this event. Business attire.