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May 29
The Barbarity of World-Cities ONLINE EVENT Columbia University, Maison Française

Black Dolls Project at FotoWeek DC

Black Dolls Project – Mirtho Linguet
Presented in the framework of the FotoWeek DC Festival, Black Dolls Project is a body of work composed of three photographic series by French Guianese photographer Mirtho Linguet. Inspired by the 1973 poem Limbé by Léon-Gontran Damas (French Guiana, 1912 – Washington DC, 1978), co-founder of the Negritude movement, Black Dolls is a visually impactful series of images which questions the impact of racism on the body and its representation.

While racial tensions throughout the United States and the world have been exacerbated, this project born in French Guiana is precisely presented in the heart of an iconic black district, Anacostia, a few meters from the house of Frederick Douglas. At the confluence of the works of Leon-Gontran Damas and Neely J. Fuller, Black Dolls is the fruit of the questioning of a person concerned by this problem: considering himself victim and servant, using photographic work as a support. The title "Black Dolls" might be inspired by the work of the cofounder of Negritude, it is not an ode or a photographic commentary on Negritude. It calls it among one of the various intellectual resources, helping  to understand what racism is and how it works. Dare to exchange, not for a moment of contemplation but to cross the perceptions, experiences and individual knowledge, in order to bring out concrete solutions, methodologies, a code of conduct to produce Justice.

For this work, French photographer Mirtho Linguet, from French Guyana, was awarded Fotoweek's 2017 "Fine Arts" Prize.

A Special Talk will be organize on Saturday 18th 5-7p.m. with the participation of the poet Pr. Ethelbert Miller, the historian Pr. Donald Earl Collins and the artist Mirtho Linguet.

Fore more informations: http://blackdolls.net/fototalk