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Dance Performance Inspired by Rodin

Come see the USC School of Dramatic Arts MFA Students's performance on November 4 at the Norton Simon Museum. This performance will combine dance, theater, and movement to depict a story based off the life and work of French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

As a sculptor, Rodin uniquely created clay sculptures that reflected themes of mythology, realism, and allegory. He used his pieces to celebrate individual characteristics and human physicality through sculptures that were extremely detailed, textured, and uniquely depicted the interaction between light and shadow. In addition, many of Rodin’s sculptors were crafted in unusual yet natural positions, ones that describe human emotions through movement and posture.

The performance at the Norton Museum will mark the centennial of Rodin’s death and will be directed by David Bridel, Dean of the USC School of Dramatic Arts. This performance will celebrate Rodin’s life and work through movement and music, paying tribute to the style of Rodin’s most impressive pieces.