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Traduttore, Traditore

A groundbreaking exhibition by the Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois-Chicago that explores translation beyond its linguistic meaning with a special video installation by French-Algerian Katia Kameli. 

Traduttore, Traditore, brings together a group of artists from around the world who employ processes of translation to expose, question, and challenge global circuits of economic and cultural capital. Emerging from the reality that uninhibited travel, communication, and trade are available to a privileged few, the exhibition uses translation as a means of exploring the transformation—of language, customs, currency, and even memory—that occurs when people cross borders. Taken from the Italian aphorism that roughly translates to “translator, traitor,” the title of the exhibition speaks to the misunderstandings, losses, and fragmentation that manifest during this process of exchange. 

Traduttore, Traditore reveals how contemporary artists navigate and expose issues of difference. The exhibition proposes translation as a method by which to understand contemporary artistic practices, reflecting an inclusive vision of art history. Many of the artists featured in the exhibition, who hail from across the world, have received little exposure in the U.S. Indeed, many of them have never shown in Chicago and several of the works will make their American debut. 

With a video installation by Franco-Algerian artist Katia Kameli