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Beyond the Land of Minimal Possession

BEYOND THE LAND OF MINIMAL POSSESSION is a multi-faceted project involving a short movie project carried out by French artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar, in the framework of her artist residency program at Artpace San Antonio. This horror movie deals with issues of gentrification, privatization and commodification of art, land, ideas and freedom.

The movie, set in Marfa and in the Texas desert, depicts a group of 8 young artists struggling to find meaning in their engagement in the field of visual arts. Between fiction and reality, it is a complex yet fascinating scenario reporting and mixing residency's events (a profesionnal seminar) and a collective fictitious nightmare.

The artist plays her own role and addresses these questions of the professionalization, gentrification, and economy of the arts, inviting prominent figures such as Swiss artists Ramaya Tegegne and Laurent Schmid ; American artists Heyd Fontenot, Martha Wilson and Mike Smith ; French cultural theorist Dorothée Dupuis, art historian Ida Soulard and film producer Olga Rozenblum.

The exhibition is on view through December 31, 2017.

A recurring image in the young artist's dreams