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Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Broad

Become part of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s original work, Couleur Additive, commissioned by The Broad until January 2018!

Carlos Cruz-Diez, a French-Venezuelan artist whose work has been displayed in New York, London, and Paris, is known as one of the great figures of kinetic and optical art as many of his pieces include strong visual experiences. Cruz-Diez has also done a lot of research in the realm of color and has made influential observations on the relationship between color and one’s optical perception.

His project, Couleur Additive began in 1959 as a way for Cruz-Diez to bring art outside of museums and into the community. The Broad took on this outdoor “exhibit” which features large colorful lines along crosswalks and walkways. Come visit this impressive work which will challenge your visual perception by using vibrant colors and bold designs!