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Compagnie Hervé Koubi at UC San Diego

French-Algerian choreographer, Hervé Koubi, and his dance company will be performing at the Mandeville Auditorium at UC San Diego on January 17.

Compagnie Hervé Koubi will make its San Diego debut with a show called What the Day Owes the Night (Ce Que le Jour Doit à la Nuit). Performed by 12 French-Algerian and African male dancers, this work combines capoeira, martial arts, and urban contemporary dance along with backflips and head spins, making the piece both extremely physical yet beautifully fluid. Through different dance styles, movements, and gestures, What the Day Owes the Night reflects powerful imagery of Eastern European paintings and Islamic architecture.

"There was a mesmerizingly fluid strength in their low-skimming flight and slow tumbling, and whistles were replaced by gasps as one man after another ran up the backs of his fellows to leap or fall backward or to be tossed shockingly high into the air." - Brian Seibert, The New York Times

Hervé Koubi was born in the south of France, and studied dance at the Rosella Hightower school of Dance in Cannes. In 2000, he founded his company when he staged Le Golem. Since then, he has collaborated with a number of talented artists, including Guillaume Gabriel, musician Laetitia Sheriff and filmmakers Max Vadukul and Yoji Yamamoto, among others.

What the Day Owes the Night is supported by the French-US Exchange in Dance (FUSED), a program of the FACE Foundation, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.