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May 29
The Barbarity of World-Cities ONLINE EVENT Columbia University, Maison Française

Tell Me About Your Dreams

Bestor Architecture will present the young French artist, Christine Rebet, in it's newest exhibit. Rebet conjures together production, the subconscious, and drawing. She has built up a surrealist and highly personal world in her drawings and animated films, bringing to life bizarre heroes in choreographies that verge on absurd. Expressed in painting, animated sequences, and film, the central subjects of Christine Rebet’s research are theatre, imbalance, disintegration, the search for identity, and metamorphosis.

Rebet's show, Tell Me About Your Dreams, is based on the tragic destruction of the Dreamland amusement park by fire in the early 1900's in Coney Island, New York. The unfortunate event was ironic considering Dreamland's star attraction, "Fighting the Flames," which featured firefighters bravely putting out a staged fire raging in a hotel. Rebet revisits this drama and presents it through a series of drawings (ink on paper) of an imaginary cast of Dreamland’s missing characters: the public, actors, employees, and animals. A video animation, titled "Tell me about your dreams" (filmed in 16mm), portrays an exchange between two Dreamland performers: a tiger-turned-psychoanalyst and his young patient. Their conversation analyzes their disillusions with the profession, and the concept of utopia. Accompanying this first installation is a second, featuring an automaton conceived as a plastic toy on a revolving axis. It is meant to represent the cyclical, mechanical escape of the fireman-actor in "Fighting the Flames". 

These two installations evoke a sense of incessancy, oscillating between the burlesque and the carnivalesque. They confront the tragedy of an event with its consequences. The sound space of the exhibition evolves with the flow of the mythical story of Tiger Escape, in a musical ballad involving a far-off actor and a spectator narrating the drama. In addition, the "show machine" generates musical sounds orchestrated by an unstructured and liberated melody. The visual and aural conjunction in the exhibition conjures the magical phenomena of the very earliest musical cartoons, where each image was designed to correspond to a sound. The imaginary, acousmatic animation of Tiger Escape presents the now disappeared actors of Dreamland. Rebet's characters are full of desire, and exist in a scenario that puts desire in its proper place.

Christine Rebet (b. Lyon, France) lives and works in New York and Paris. She received her BA (Hons) in theater design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and her MFA from Columbia University, NY. She has exhibited and held performances in numerous international contexts and her films have been screened at many international film festivals. Recent exhibitions include: Greider Contemporary, Zurich; Album|Arte, Rome; Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort, Netherlands; Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY; SITE Santa Fe; Le Magasin, Grenoble; Shanghai Art Museum; Parasol Unit, London; Kamel Mennour Gallery, Paris and Taka Ishii, Tokyo.