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The Pain of Others

Ghebaly Gallery's new exhibit, The Pain of Others, opens January 26th and will be on view until March 3. In a grand, existential theme, the exhibition looks at what it means to be human. It reflects on the capability of its audience to truly comprehend someone else's pain via representation. The exhibition posits that we live in a time where we are berated with a constant flow of visual stimuli, often focused on pain and suffering. With this assumption in mind, it is only natural to conclude that the viewing audience has lost its ability to relate to what they are seeing. The exhibition suggests that the viewer's reaction to painful images, or lack thereof, are very telling of the state of our species. Out of concern for a growing numbness to the world, The Pain of Others seeks to remind us that we are more than unfeeling robots, and that there is still hope to understand, maintain, and savor our humanity. 

The exhibition was curated by French-Tunisian Myriam Ben Salah and features several artists, including French-Canadian Julien Ceccaldi.

Myriam Ben Salah is based in Paris, and has an extensive curating career. She coordinated special projects and public programs at the Palais de Tokyo from 2009 to 2016, with a special focus on performance, video and publishing initiatives. Ben Salah is the Editor in Chief of Kaleidoscope Magazine and has co-edited on several other publications. Her writings have appeared in numerous international art publications and catalogues. 

Ceccaldi works with drawing, painting, and installation. He has shown in Los Angeles, Berlin, Philadelphia, and Montreal, and has been featured on the cover of Artforum. His artistic style is heavily influenced by the manga style, and his work often looks at unviersal themes of struggle. Ceccaldi is a truly unique addition to this thought-provoking exhibit.