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Real Worlds: Brassaï, Arbus, Goldin

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), presents Real Worlds: Brassaï, Arbus, Goldin, an exhibition that brings together the works of three of the most influential photographers of modern life. Drawn largely from MOCA’s collection of photography, the exhibition provides a remarkable opportunity to explore the ways in which French-Hungarian photographer Brassaï (Gyula Halász), American photographer Diane Arbus and American photographer Nan Goldin use the camera to reflect and transform the world around them. 

Real Worlds features approximately one hundred works by the three artists, including Brassaï’s unforgettable images of the nocturnal denizens of Paris, Arbus’s most memorable and unsettling portraits, and Goldin’s searingly poignant documentation of herself and her community. The exhibition is structured around MOCA’s collection of photographs that appear in three legendary photobooks, including Brassaï’s The Secret Paris of the 30’s (1976).

Gyula Halász, known by his pseudonym Brassaï, was a French-Hungarian photographer born in Brassó, Hungary, in what is now Romania. He moved to Paris in 1924, and remained there for the rest of this live, rising to international fame in France in the 1930's. Brassaï used Paris as his muse, working to capture its essence in his photography. He successfully captured the beauty of the city and its inhabitants, ranging from the rougher areas to the high society. Brassaï's life and work have been highly influential to modern photography, and his art will contribute significantly to MOCA's new exhibit.