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Julien Bouillon's First Show in Los Angeles

Galerie Morille presents Hbd s03 e12, 13, 14 &15 the latest series of painted objects by French artist Julien Bouillon. Opening on March 3, 2018, this will Bouillon's first exhibition in Los Angeles. It coincides with his recent trip to the Unites States to research the aesthetics of disposable technological objects and cultural relics. At Galerie Morille, he will present 4 hand sized paintings to the public for viewing and handling during a daytime opening event.

Bouillon's work employs standardized formats of once common but now defunct cellular phones as his support for further intervention. He then affixes mediated imagery culled from the aesthetics of consumer culture (media, foodstuffs, phone apps) upon the phone's screen. Bouillon then hand paints pseudo-antique coins, lifted from his ongoing oeuvre of accumulated renderings of coin collections, as a subsequent layer on his mediated ground, further embellishing the screen into a enriched matrix of familiar yet unfamiliar imagery.