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ANNEX Showroom Now Open!

A new art space has come to LA, as ANNEX is now open at M+B Gallery! ANNEX is a showroom and exhibition space that is dedicated to applied arts. With the interest of encouraging a closer dialogue between art and design, ANNEX welcomes artists who have embraced a broader, more interdisciplinary approach to creation. 

ANNEX brings together all sorts of artistic creations, thus forming a unique and nontraditional space. Distinctions between painting, design, sculpture, craft and other art forms are forgotten and unrestrained creativity is embraced. 

For some artists, their contributions to ANNEX are their first experiments in this reconciliation. For others, whose work has always been rooted in the between, ANNEX works to provide a platform for sharing that truly appreciates what their work has to offer. As the participating artists and their interests change, so will ANNEX, making it a truly incredible space for art to thrive.

Many French artists are currently showcased: designer Fabien Cappello, curator Myriam Ben Salah, photographer Brice Chatenoud, designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin, product designer Jenna Kaës, designer Marion Mailaender, Etienne Marc and clothing brand Y/Project.