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While I Was Also Listening to LA

From January 2017 to March 2018, La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art in Rennes, France, has organized a series of exhibitions and events titled While I was also listening... The different components of this project are linked by a common thematic and conceptual concern, that of narrative. The American poet and performer David Antin is the figurehead of this ambitious program.

In conjunction with the program in France, La Criée Centre is organizing an extension in Los Angeles and New York. In Los Angeles, La Criée, in partnership with Human Resources invites 7 artists to expand the notion of narrative and improvisation. We are invited to watch, perform, and listen to a succession of performances of different duration. Performing narrative, deconstructing storytelling; this session of While I was also listening to LA challenges the traditional approach to narration, opening up the horizon of what narrative is or how a story can be told. It will take place at Human Resources Los Angeles on March 22, 2018 at 8pm. 

Featured artists and performers : Krysten Cunningham, Félicia Atkinson and Julien Bismuth, LeRoy Stevens, Jennie Liu, David Horvitz, Lucky Dragons, Yann Sérandour. The event will see these American and French artists, curators, researchers, poets, and writers discussing, debating, and performing together with the aim to explore a common ground: their interest for narrativity, orality and improvisation via poetry, performance and the visual arts.

In addition to the events taking place in Los Angeles, La Criée Centre is organizing a residency program at the Getty research Institute in Los Angeles for artists Félicia Atkinson, Yann Sérandour, Julien Bismuth, curator Sophie Kaplan, publisher Bartolomé Sanson in March 2018.