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May 26
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Shared Sacred Sites at CUNY, The Morgan Library and NYPL

From March 27 to June 30, 2018, Shared Sacred Sites exhibitions propose to focus on the stories of shared holy places in the Mediterranean through photographs, prints, miniatures, video, and a newly-commissioned Wishing Tree for visitors to wish upon and adorn with objects.

In a world torn apart by ethnic, political, and religious struggles, there could be no better illustration of coexistence than the extensive history of sacred sites shared by members of different beliefs and backgrounds. Chronicles of the three monotheistic faiths are full of examples of conflicts and antagonisms, but also of occurrences of cohabitation, hospitality, and tolerance. The maps of the Mediterranean and the Near East are sprinkled with examples of shared sacred sites. Yesterday as today, many believers—Jews, Christians, and Muslims—do not hesitate to pray in the holy place of another religion.

The exhibitions which draw on anthropological research based on fieldwork, take place in three venues: the New York Public Library, the Morgan Library and Museum, and The James Gallery at the Graduate Center, CUNY. The Shared Sacred Sites exhibitions are curated by Karen Barkey, Dionigi Albera, Manoël Pénicaud and are inspired by the exhibition Lieux saints partagés presented by the Mucem in Marseille, France, in 2015.

In conjunction with the exhibitions a series of events is organized:

Co-sponsored by the New York Public Library, the Morgan Library and Museum, and the James Gallery at the Graduate Center, CUNY.