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French Waves: 30 years of French electronic music - Screening, conference and DJ set

Julian Starke’s 65 minutes documentary French Waves is a take on French electronic music from the younger generation’s perspective. Based around a series of interviews with iconic artists from the origins and the present of French electro, it tracks the American roots of techno and house music and the era of illegal raves and showcases the newest wave of French artists, exploring how the successors of this modern history are making it their own. French Waves tells the extraordinary tale of French Touch, a style of music that has been pivotal in the recondition of electro music around the world.

The screening will be followed by a presentation and a DJ set by French DJ Maxime.

Come learn about the roots of French electronic music and its strong ties to American creators. From the Club d'essai led by Pierre Schaeffer and the origin of Musique Concrète in 1948 to the creation of dance music by the Chicago & Detroit scene in the early 80's, France and the United States have conjointly played an important part in the making of modern electronic music. Understanding both early ages experimentations in France and influences from the Chicago House and Detroit Techno later on is key to understand the creation of The French Touch movement.

Strongly influenced by soul music, funk, disco, jazz and classical music, DJ Maxime has a passion for culture house and techno music — especially from Chicago and Detroit. He started the blog All In Electro, which received two Golden Blog Awards in 2013. He regards the electronic world and particularly the independent electronic music as the latest cultural revolution of our time.


This event is part of the EUROBEATS Music Festival, and is organized in partnership with Dupont Underground.