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Julien Green Exhibition at Savannah's Green-Meldrim House

Julien Green (1900-1998) is considered one of the major French-language authors of the 20th century. Born in Paris to American parents, he was the first non-citizen elected to the Académie française. His novels Les Pays lointains and Les Étoiles du sud, based on his mother's memories of her native Savannah, introduced a whole generation of French readers to the history and mythology of the American South. The Green-Meldrim house, Green's ancestral family home in Savannah, GA, still exists today as a National Historic Landmark.

Having lived and died in Paris, Julien will at last be given a place in his beloved Savannah this spring when the Green-Meldrim house installs a temporary exhibit to his work and memory. The room will be furnished with the author's furniture and personal effects, many of which were original to the Green-Meldrim house and taken by Julien's parents when they moved abroad and which were recently repatriated from Julien Green's estate.

On May 4th, the Green-Meldrim house will inagurate the exhibit with a VIP cocktail reception celebrating the life and legacy of Julien Green. The evening will feature French food and wine provided by Chef Jean-Yves Vendeville, the head of culinary arts at Savannah Technical College.

Dr. John Dunaway, a specialist on French religious writers and Professor Emeritus of French at Mercer University, will give a short talk on Julien Green at the start of the evening, and Susan Arden-Joly, chairwoman of the Preservation Committee for the Green-Meldrim House, will give an introduction to the new exhibit.