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May Days (Grands soirs et petits matins)

A documentary about May 1968. Shot in black and white with a hand-held camera, this is the most precious, balanced and disturbing account we have of the spirit of May '68.

French consummate street photographer, William Klein dived into the middle of les événements of May ’68 in France. But instead of documenting the action, with its barricades and running battles, he focused on the utopian rhetoric of revolution uttered in discussions, crowded meetings, and through megaphones.

At the request of students studying at the Sorbonne, William Klein filmed events in the Latin Quarter of Paris. This footage was intended to be used as part of an umbrella film about May 1968 which, due to multiple dissensions, could never be completed at the time. The film is given over to the people, students, militants, union activists, those who in daily life barely have any contact with each other who can suddenly express themselves.

May Days
Writen and directed by: William Klein
Starring: Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Renaud, Alain Resnais 
Runtime: 98 min
Year: 1978
Distributed by: UniFrance