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The Surface of the East Coast

Noël Dolla, Bande Rouge, acrylic on fabric 600 x 16cm. Courtesy of Ceysson & Bénétière

After the initial step in Nice in 2017, The Surface of the East Coast comes to New York and takes place in six different venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Through this exhibition, curator Marie Maertens mirrors two different generations of artists: those emerged from Supports/Surfaces, a late '60s artistic movement developed in the south of France, and the artists of the 2010s in New York, engaged with a completely different artistic, geographic, politic and economic context. The Surface of the East Coast points out the great similarities between these two generations regarding their researches as they both emphasize the material by itself, often "poor" and reused, as the core of their work.

Come and see the six venues of The Surface of the East Coast:

  • Visible Reality at Emmanuel Barbault Gallery (June 19-July 31, 2018) featuring Gedi Sibony and Louis Cane.
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  • Feel Materiality at Turn Gallery (June 19-July 31, 2018) featuring Justin Adia, Claude Viallat, Sarah Braman, and André-Pierre Arnal.
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  • Radical Poetry at Josée Bienvenu Gallery (June 26-July 31, 2018) featuring Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke, Noël Dolla, Adam Henry, Marc Devade, Lucas Knipsche, and Daniel Dezeuze. 
    Brunch on Saturday June 30.
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  • Supports/Surfaces Then/Now at OSMOS (July 3-September 4, 2018) featuring Anna Betbeze and Patrick Saytour.
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  • Différance at Ceysson & Bénètière Gallery (July 12-September 30, 2018) featuring Joe Bradly, Louis Cane, Erik Lindman, Pierre Buraglio, Sam Moyer, and Jean-Pierre Pincemin.
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  • A Performance with Adam Henry at The Chimney on July 13, at 7pm.
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Journalist, art critic, and curator, Marie Maertens graduated in art history. She is the author of Collect Video and Digital Art (Collectionner l’art video et digital, Presses du Réel, 2015). She has been the curator of “WANI” (2011) at the Ricard Foundation, “Desdemone, between desire and despair” (“Desdémone, entre désir et désespoir”, 2015) at the Institut du Monde Arabe, « Spirit Your Mind » (2015) at Free Spirits, Miami, “The B-side of performance” (« La Face B de la Performance », 2015) at MAC/VAL and “The fourth sex”(« Le Quatrième sexe », January-February 2016), at the Cœur- Paris.

On July 2 at 6pm, join us for a discussion between Marie Maertens, curator of The Surface of the East Coast, Saul Ostrow, art critic, and the artists Adam Henry, Lucas Knipscher and Erik Lindman. Click HERE for more information.