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May 29
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Mazmanian and Vincent Beer-Demander

French pianist Nicolas Mazmanian and world-renowned mandolinist Vincent Beer-Demander are visiting Los Angeles to perform the piano and mandolin on June 26 at the Semel Institute Auditorium in Westwood Plaza.

At the age of six, French pianist Nicolas Mazmanian commenced his journey towards becoming a world-known and award winning composer and pianist. He studied piano at the Marseille and Rouen conservatories and has performed and competed at a variety of settings. For four seasons, he served as the composer for the Orchestre Régional de Cannes PACA. In addition, his compositions have been commissioned by various symphonies including The Czech National Symphony in 2003, the Orchestre Régional de Cannes in 2007, and the Marseille Opéra Philharmonic Orchestra in 2010.

Also starting his music career at a young age, French mandolinist Vincent Beer-Demander commenced playing the Mandolin at the age of 8. Although he primarily performs, Vincent Beer-Demander also teaches, composes, directs, and conducts research. The highly awarded artist has won several competitions including international competitions for his performances on the Mandolin. In addition to his compositions and live performances, the French mandolinist has approximately 20 records showcasing his eclectic and varying taste ranging from chamber and baroque music to contemporary and Neapolitan music.


Together, the French pianist and mandolin duo will perform popular film music as well as original compositions at their concert in Los Angeles.