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Geometrie Variable at Please Do Not Enter

From July 11 to August 31, 2018,  /THE LAB/ by Please Do Not Enter is presenting their newest exhibition entitled Geometrie Variable by Atelier Polyhedre, which will be featuring two LA-based French designers.

The two French designers, Baptiste Monet and Vincent Jousseaume will be featuring over fifty pieces from their geometric based collection from the Atelier Polyhedre. This artistic French duo commenced their Nantes Studio, making up the Atelier Polyhedre eleven years ago in 2007. The Atelier Polyhedre studio takes an experimental and artisanal approach to ceramic visual art and design. Since its start, Monet and Jousseaume have accumulated a significant repertory with various geometric forms with uniquely rigid and rough textures and designs.

Over fifty of the Atelier Polyhedre pieces will be part of the Geometrie Variable exhibition in the /LAB/ exhibition for Please Do Not Enter, a progressive men’s luxury retail and exhibition space in Los Angeles founded by French curators Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird. The exhibition space features a wide variety of contemporary pieces of fashion, art, and design.