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Reine Paradis' "Midnight" Exhibition

French artist Reine Paradis’s solo exhibition “Midnight” will be presented by the Avenue des Arts in its Los Angeles gallery on June 23 until July 30, 2018 and will be composed of various prints, sculptures, installations, and film excerpts.

Reine Paradis’ “Midnight” exhibition will consist of 10 large scale prints from her vibrant, colorful “Midnight” photo series, 5 plexiglass sculptures, Paradis’ “Golden Pineapple” installation, and excerpts from the “Queen of Paradis” documentary. The exhibition named after Reine Paradis’ Midnight photo series features her meticulously planned and shot photographs of herself in colorful landscapes such as her photograph “Palmsquare.” The photographs are planned ahead of time through sketches of her vision of a chromatic reality.

The French artist began creating her vibrant pieces after leaving Europe and its classic art expectations and using the bright California skies as her inspiration to create a bright, fresh version of the world’s reality. The artwork will be displayed at the Avenue des Arts, a contemporary art gallery founded by French Dimitri Lorin. The gallery originated in Hong Kong but now has a year-old gallery in Los Angeles, California,