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"Suspended Moments": Anne Brégeaut at TOPAZ ARTS

"Redhook", 2018, peinture vinylique sur toile, 122 x 244 cm. (48 x 96 inches)

French artist Anne Brégeaut is invited by TOPAZ ARTS from November 17 to December 15, 2018, to present her solo exhibition Suspended Moments. Pop, colorful work of this Parisian-based artist, composed mainly by paintings, drawings and collages, creates an oniric yet disturbing world.

For this exhibition, Anne Brégeaut painted a new series of canvases inspired by everyday life, showing that in New York, even banal and insignificant things are conducive to dream and fantasy. Her attention to certain objects or to certain lights brings her to look for colored motives and surfaces. As each motive emanates from these same objects, they are yet distanced, simplified, flattened and abstract reflections. Some shapes are recurrent from one painting to another and create a narration along the whole exhibition. The spectator faces a scenario and can imagine by himself different associations or narrations. The elements of each painting being in a way isolated from one another, collected from different times and spaces, form a mental landscape in which the void in between the elements is as important as the elements themselves.

The representation of the world, as if it were but a surface on which substance and form are one and the same, is a concept inherent to the art of painting because of its bi-dimensionality and because of its very nature. Therein lie Anne Brégeaut's question. By placing themselves at a distance from the world, her paintings create incomplete representations of it, which like rebuses develop fictions of a poetic nature, mixing affects and representations, isolation and displacement, want or singular feelings.

This exhibition is co-curated and organized by Todd B. Richmond and Paz Tanjuaquio, made possible by TOPAZ ARTS, Inc., with public support, in part, from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. Support for artist Anne Brégeaut is made possible, in part, by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.