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Vive Carrière

Eugène Carrière, Portrait d'une femme, pastel on paper

The LaGrange Art Museum in LaGrange, Georgia will host the exhibition “Vive Carrière,” a celebration of the life and artworks of the late 19th century French Symbolist painter Eugène Carrière, from September 8-November 10. The works on display are on loan from the private collection of Dr. Nick Vlachos

Carrière, a contemporary of Auguste Rodin and Paul Gaugin, was known for his portraits and depictions of family life. Carrière portrayed his family in many works. They were a readily available source of inspiration for a painter too poor to pay for models. The LaGrange exhibition contains works featuring his wife Sophie, daughters Elise, Marguerite, Nelly, Lucie and Arsene, and sons Jean Rene and Leon, who died from diphtheria at age 4.  Each piece is a 19th Century “Kodak Moment”: winding wool, lying down, nursing, embracing, smiling, praying – all interpreted through the eyes and hands of a family man.

The sculpture-like texture of Carrière’s paintings reveals the influence of his friend Auguste Rodin’s, while his monochrome pictures using only a very few figures and strokes would later influence Picasso's numerous mother-and-child works and perhaps too, his blue period.